safaripreviewiconApple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced in March of 2016. Apple designed the Safari Technology Preview to test features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari.

Safari Technology Preview release 24 includes fixes and improvements for Web API, JavaScript, CSS, Web Inspector, Rendering, Accessibility, and more. Both User Timing and Link Preload are new experimental features in this version of Safari Technology Preview.

The Safari Technology Preview update is available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store to anyone who has downloaded the browser. Full release notes for the update are available on the Safari Technology Preview website.

Apple’s aim with Safari Technology Preview is to gather feedback from developers and users on its browser development process. Safari Technology Preview can run side-by-side with the existing Safari browser and while designed for developers, it does not require a developer account to download.

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Dance is an open source Swift library from Saoud Rizwan for animations utilizing UIViewPropertyAnimator for creating view animations that can even be scrubbed through using a clean straightforward syntax.

Dance includes functions allowing you to pause, start, reverse, select finished points.

This code snippet shows how to use Dance:

import Dance

class MyViewController: UIViewController {

<pre><code>let circle = UIView()

override func viewDidLoad() {
    super.viewDidLoad() 2.0, curve: .easeInOut) {
        $0.transform = CGAffineTransform(scaleX: 1.5, y: 1.5)
        $ =
        $0.backgroundColor = .blue
        // … see ‘Animatable Properties’ for more options
    }.addCompletion { _ in
        self.view.backgroundColor = .green
    }.start(after: 5.0)

func pauseAnimation() {


You can find Dance on Github here.

A great library for animations.

Original article: Dance – Swift Library For Creating Scrubbable View Animations With A Clean Syntax

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