JSUStockChart is an open source Swift based library from BestSwift that allows you to easily create stock charts that work with auto layout and Storyboards.

JSUStockChart can create bar candlestick and line charts to indicate price, and bar charts to indicate volume. The charts created with JSUStockChart are zoomable and scrollable using touch gestures.

This animation from the readme shows JSUStockChart in action:


You can find JSUStockChat on Github here.

A great library for creating stock charts.

Original article: JSUStockChat – Swift Library For Creating Stock Charts (Line, Candlestick and Bar Charts)

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The rapidly increasing take-up of Apple’s Swift programming language was confirmed again yesterday with the publication of a survey that ranks the popularity of programming languages.

In the latest TIOBE Index, Swift was ranked 10th, up four places from March 2016. As CultofMac notes, the nine programming languages ranked above it are at least two decades old, so breaking into the top 10 is a feat more impressive than it sounds. Swift was only introduced by Apple in 2014, replacing Objective-C as an easier-to-learn language.

Apple has promoted Swift as ideal for kids who are keen to code, with its gentle learning curve demonstrated in Swift Playgrounds, an app that teaches children to code using the Swift language. Apple has been updating and refining Swift since its debut, and is set to unveil Swift 3.1 this spring.

The TIOBE Index is calculated using search engine data to approximate the popularity of programming languages within online coding communities. Earlier this year, a quarterly study revealed that Swift had become one of the most sought-after freelance developer skills among employers.

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